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Date-7th February 2015

Pray for the Christians in India.

Below are images of the prosecutions of christians in India. As we say our daily prayers remember India and the Christians there who are facing these terrible things. Pray that they remain strong in the faith no matter the adversaries.

Pray 4 India 2Pray 4 inidia

Pray for Christians in Pakistan and Brother Ahmer Shaheen

A mob attacks a Christian’s house during a prayer service, Christians feel barred from praying – See more

Remember Christians in Pakistan who are doing their very best to spread the gospel despite the harsh conditions for Christians there. Let us also pray for brother Ahmer Shaheen who shall be undertaking a very difficult task of going to Pakistan to share the Word of God. Brother Ahmer, plans on opening a church there and sharing the word of God also. Please, let us pray that the Holy Spirit goes with him and leads him accordingly. Let us pray that no harm comes to him and that lives will be saved through the church he plans to establish.


Prayer for our Communities.

I admonish us to pray for our communities both where we are living and where we are from. The community also extends to the churches around us and our work place.


The situation in Pakistan is becoming unbearable. Christians are being killed like Chickens. Let us rally around the country of Pakistan in prayer and pray fervently for the Christians there to stay strong in the faith despite tribulations and let the lord arise and let His enemies be scattered, let them that hate Him flee from His presence (Psalm 68:1). Pakistan is for Christ and we shall fight in prayers. Amen!

14th July 2016


We at Christ identity will like to join Christian Aid in prayers for Sudan. There are strong concerns about escalating humanitarian needs, mass displacement, and continuing violence across South Sudan.

Please pray with us that humanitarian assistance will reach those most in need, and for long-term reconciliation work to resolve the complex political and ethnic divisions at the heart of the conflict.

Prayer points for South Sudan

  • • Pray that the peace agreement will be implemented and a lasting ceasefire will be reached.
  • • Pray for the 2.2 million people who have been forced to flee their homes.
  • • Pray for those who have lost loved one in the fighting and attacks.
  • • Pray that food and essential items will be put in place for communities, especially those in hardest to reach areas.
  • • Pray for Christian Aid partners working in the areas worst affected by the violence. UNIDO, CADA, SPEDP and LWF.
  • • Pray for the South Sudan Council of Churches and the churches, and the courageous work they are doing to spread powerful messages of peace.
  • • Pray for the 3.9 million people currently in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in South Sudan.
  • Pray that the international community will provide the immediate assistance and longer-term support needed by the people of South Sudan.

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