My Christian Testimony by Myk@christidentity.

Being born into a christian home I will say my christian journey started from when I was born. I will say that the seed of christianity was sown in me from the beginning, I was always at Sunday services during my childhood age where I was constantly watered by the word of God and the seed of christ grew in me (maybe without even knowing). Two years ago I encontered Dr Myles Munroe of Blessed Memory and I will say it was through him that I was able to get the harvest of the seed that was planted in me since birth.

I am more than happy since the harvest began two years ago, I am constantly producing fruits, constantly being watered by the word of God. I am finally ripping from first the seed that was planted and now the harvest. Being in Christ has been the most amazing experience, Imagine having the confidence to undertake any task, having that inner peace, love, joy and so on without stress, to an extent when you even start asking yourself why am I so happy today? sometimes we are ignorant of the works of the Holy Spirit but with the understanding of the word and by his grace alone I am walking in the realms of having to understand his works and now I appreciate each day more.

The word of God is like a nice chocolate you just found in a shop after eating it you go tell all your friends about this lovely chocolate you have had. I have never met anyone who will say that I cannot tell people about this nice chocolate that I found at the shop because if I tell my friends they will buy it all, No! because the shop will always re-stock as long as people are buying it and the factory is always producing. How can I have such an amazing experience and not share, why should I be selfish with the word of God when I know that God is never tired of producing good things for us and that the good things are always in stock. I enjoy God’s word and I will always share because you all are my friends and I want you all to enjoy it too.

Always remember that God loves you irrespective of who you are and what you have done. He loves you more than you can ever imagine and we love you too. Thanks!!!



My Christian testimony by Julia Angowska

As I was born in catholic family and in catholic country going to church every Sunday was a normal thing to do for me. Also as a young girl I enjoyed singing in the church choir. Even though I believed in God, I knew Jesus died on the cross for our sins I really did not know God. Why? I have not been with God every day, I have not been studying His word by reading the bible on my own and I did not know who I really was in God. However, I had a strong faith that if I am a good person, I obey God’s law, pray, go to church and work hard on my success why I would not have a good life? Why will I not go to heaven? I did not understand the concept of God’s perfect plan for every individual.

So my trial came and I failed. I turned my back on God because even though I worked hard and prayed I did not receive what I badly wanted – my dream came true studies. My life plan needed to change and I did not even consider plan B, I did not consider not getting in. Therefore, I thought why to be a good, nice girl? Others get what they want! Why God is not just – I thought. Bad news came when I was away from home, in different country so my habit which was going to church easily disappeared. I started going out for parties nearly every weekend, drinking a lot of alcohol. People around me were not Christians, they were all atheists. I stopped praying. I was angry with God. So I decided I will not rely on Him, but try again next year to get my dream on my own, so I thought that time studies. But guess what? I did not succeed again! However, I had a plan B this time.
I truly asked myself why I wanted to study this course so badly? My reasons were vain. I wanted to earn a lot of money (I’m not saying having money is bad) and wanted to be seen as a successful person in the society. I am glad God did not give me what I wanted because it was not what I needed.

But I kept God on the pause. I still believed in Him, but I was too busy. I did not like the church masses either, so I just left it the way it was instead of maybe finding a church that will suit me personally. Till one day when my lab partners- two lovely girls, told me something I have never heard before – We are no longer under the law but we are under the grace. I could not comprehend this. But finally had some people who I could ask any question I had which was amazing! Even though I was not sure if this is for me I kept coming for Christian union meetings and started coming with them to Pentecostal churches. They also bought me the bible. It was hard in the beginning to read it but I really wanted this time to understand what it is all about.

It took me few months but the void which I had and loss sense of purpose disappeared and my mind set has changed. I know now who God is and who I am as His child. Now I am in true relationship with Him and I am just blessed. It is so amazing to live your life with God and get to know Him more and more every single day. God is our loving father and He is accepting us with His arms open, so if you turned your back on Him also but you feel you wish to change it do not hesitate. He will accept you the way your are! Just let Him

Julia Angowska

The Last Pamphlet

This is such an amazing story. Follow the link below to watch it by clicking on the The last pamphlet

I pray God gives us the grace to always hear him when he speaks. Zeal like children to never give up in spreading his word. Amen!!!

My Christian Testimony by Joia De Christo

The difference between being a religious and being a Christian is my Testimony
I was born into a Catholic house. Always went to church on Sunday and was really committed to the prayer groups during the week.
I always saw my self as right girl, always wanted to be different from the others, and most of times had comments like: or so you think you are better than us😌. That is almost how I felt most of times that I was better than others, because I was different, I read the Bible, new how to say all prayers, and so on.
But till I went to high school in 2010, I didn’t know that there was more in God, there were deep places in The Lord that we are to discover everyday.
I had to choose where to go, as I was living secondary school.
And so I did chose to go to the Petroleum school which is one of the bests, it is a boarding school. And the students are known as the party honors, even though I had friends that did I have never been into a party before (except birthday parties of course😅). So by the time I was to go there I said to my friend ‘as I am going there by time I am on holidays any party buy me the tickets’.
However, for my amusement God changed my plans. On the first week a girl came into my room and said there is no church in the school, so we have a youth Ministry each one of us from different church, so we use the bible to lead us. I accepted the offer, there I was taught how to go deeper in the relation with the Father, everyday God started molding my character
Since then it has been a life experience.
Everyday I discover that it’s not just about knowing God but proceed on knowing Him (Hosea 6:3).
There is nothing better than being Christian
Not just a church goer
It’s about living for Him and for His Glory.


Joia De Christo

My Christian Testimony by Búkọ́lá Ọré

Have you ever been around two people who are genuinely and deeply in love?  Many of us can relate to the happiness that stir up in us, we are not only excited for the lovebirds, we also wish and pray for  that kind of relationship for ourselves. What if I tell you that we can experience a deeply love much more amazing than any kind of love we’ll ever experience with anyone else. God’s love for us is more incredible than what we think and greater than what we can imagine.
A love that disregard who you think you are, where you are from, and what you’ve done. With God, who you think you are isn’t the whole picture of who you truly are, and “the-not-good-enough-you” isn’t who he has created you to be. God the creator of all things knows us so well, His eyes are always on the bigger picture of the best us, and even when we don’t know ourselves, at least not the whole potential in us, and the society dictates to us, who we should be and how we should be, we should keep in mind that God knows us the best. Who else should we fall so deeply in love with, who else except someone that knows us so well.
Like every relationship, many of us can relate to the fact that our relationship with God isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I personally know what that’s like, I’ve always had my shortcomings and fall short of his mercy, or so I thought. At an early age of six I was already hearing from God, I could hear him instruct me to open certain bible verses, and my emotions and answers at those points would be revealed on the pages of the bible. That was my relationship with God, now fast forward couples of years. I can openly say, I’ve had my fair share of  a rocky relationship with God, and that’s because life happened. However no matter what life throws at me and all of the trials and tribulations, God is always and I mean always there to pick me up, that I can trust and that I can rely on.
Many of us go through a similar relationship with God, and pass through all these life phases that makes us forget about God. However, we should all remember that God knows our struggles and challenges and he wouldn’t love us any less for our choices and decisions. He is the only one that his love for us is ever constant and never changes, and we should never doubt that. I feel blessed to be loved by God.
Búkọ́lá Ọré

 How I Converted to Christianity.
Amazing Story of a muslim man who converted to christianity, Click here to watch.

Amazing Turnaround in my Life Since I Met Christ By Sister Emma

Before I found Christ I had always doubted who I was, so unsure about everything. My life with Christ was up and down and this showed in my academics. There was a time I failed all my subjects. My life was so terrible that I felt suicidal, I hated my life and I hated everyone. I did not care how I looked, I was constantly depressed and you have got to trust me depression is real.

Along the line in my life God intervened through the help of friends and family members, and I could not complete my suicide mission.

Today I can fully testify of God’s awesomeness. There has been a total turnaround of my story since I said Jesus is my saviour. Now I can say with all boldness that greater is He that is in me than he that in the world. It might sound strange but I am not just living but I am happily Alive. Today I have a GDP of 4.11, I am also the proud owner of two businesses which I run alongside my studies, I am also on my way to becoming a golden icon in Nollywood (Nigerian Movies). All these are happening because I said YES to Christ. Say yes today and watch God say yes to you too. Amen!!!


Sister Emma.

David Wood’s Christian Testimony.

David Wood is a Christian Apologetic. He tries to defend the christian faith in the best possible way he can against other faiths. Watch his conversion story by clicking here.

Wonderful Testimony by Sister Eunice.

I was born and raised in a Christian home. I loved Sunday school as a child and always willingly participated and listened to everything, accepted it as truth and tried to live it out. I remember a time I was extremely little and I didn’t know who God was at all- I must’ve been about 2/3 years. However, from the age of 4/5 I knew who God was and every truth about Him from learning about him in Sunday school, the stories in the Bible, the Israelites… As I was growing up and attending more and more children and youth events, I was introduced to accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour and I was all for it, so when it got to that part of the conversions I’d always raise my hands and pray the prayer with the speaker and I was born-again I suppose. I don’t really remember how old I was when I first accepted Him- maybe 6/7.

I was well aware of sin, I knew what not to do and I knew when I sinned and I would ask God for forgiveness, not for all my sins though. I think I bothered to ask God to forgive my “hugest sins” and my littler sins I didn’t make too much fuss about. God is amazing and wonderful: as early as I began to know Him and accept the facts about Him, He was my friend. He was always with me in my head and I would talk to Him, I really liked Him and I believe He liked me too. We have built on that relationship from then and now here we are, still carrying on and still growing closer with all the transformation He has worked hard to bring about in me till today. I thank Him so much for it all- and I thank Him so much for the future of our growing relationship.

After I first received Christ as my Lord and personal saviour, I continued to receive Him multiple times at different youth events because I felt I had sinned massively and needed Him newly again, obviously I didn’t fully understand how that worked and the last time I received Him again I was 9/10 and I told myself that that would be the last time I newly did this again because I was growing a bit tired of my own re-declarations and thought God must be getting fed up of that too. So the last time I became re-born-again I was (most probably) 9. I vowed to myself that I would try my hardest to be a good girl and not sin and so I did my best performing the morally upright things, at least in public, the sinning didn’t completely stop which would frustrate me because I was well aware of God’s standards and His do’s and don’ts. I continued my hardest to be good and obedient to God as I grew and matured, I still loved Him and He was still my friend and confidante and I would struggle with not sinning but every new thing I learned about Him from my parents and going to church I tried to implement and to all the people who knew me, I was a ‘good’ girl.

My relationship with God took a whole new turn when I read the book of John in the Bible and was introduced to Christ my saviour in a whole new light. I was 17. It was seriously an amazing falling in love experience that I had and there was nothing like it. I understood so much about Jesus’ love and what an amazing man, saviour and Son of God that He was and reading John and Christ’s words touched my heart in a tremendous way as a new understanding of love dawned on me. Very shortly after that, my relationship with my best friend who is a Christian turned into something more which I was so excited about, I was in love and I thought I was the luckiest girl on earth! The relationship was going great and I tried to balance it with my relationship with God, I incorporated my boyfriend and our relationship into my usual prayers because I know it’s important to spiritually do so and I knew I (we) would only benefit from that.

I really fought for my focus on God not to wean; my heart’s desire was to have healthy balance of Him and my boyfriend in my life and so I made a pretty good attempt at still pursuing God which honestly yielded me some growth, but I think I knew that I could have grown more and I thought to myself that it was still okay. Having started my A levels at 16 also took me on a surprising, eye-opening ride that I had never experienced before in my academics, I was shocked and at a loss at the uncovering and very nervous for my future because things were not looking like they would go as I had wanted. I would pray about that but oh goodness, I never anticipated to travel on the rough roads that A levels turned out to be, and it was such hard work and it brought on such a hard time plagued with challenges at college and at home.

A year later when my shining and treasured relationship hit an iceberg of betrayal, rejection, disrespect, anxiety, strain, insecurity, relationship-problems and relationship-drama. I re-evaluated my life in the circumstance and broken-heartedly ended the relationship; I can humorously recall that one reason I ended the relationship was because I felt I was too young to deal with “relationship drama” Something about what I was going through at the time seriously didn’t seem logical to me because I guess I felt that there were some things the he would do that would at least warrant the drain and constant worry that this “iceberg” had brought on me and I felt he hadn’t done that and I thought is this the beginning of the ‘hard part’ romantic life? Till I die? If so, then I want it to begin a bit later in my life because I was seriously in a panic about what I had brought onto myself then which really hurt and I didn’t want it again for as long as I could hold it off. From that place of intense brokenness after ending the relationship, I already knew the answer and His name was God. I asked for His help and asked Him to forgive me for all the wrong I had done concerning my relationship.

The combination of A levels’ hardship and my relationship endeavour make that period of my life from 16-18 a definitive turning point- perhaps the most definitive. I remembered that moment in my bedroom when I had fallen in love with Jesus like a dream and felt other-worldly incredible and I made a decision to pursue Him and read my Bible with fervour to get to know Him more. I dared to believe that He was indeed all I needed as many worship songs say: I dared to believe that take away everything in this world and leave me with absolutely nothing and by faith I would have everything if I had Christ. I believe He is all a human being could ever have to be satisfied forever- for eternal life-  so I will cling onto Him with my whole life and all my strength. From deciding that God’s way was the best way in romantic relationships and wanting nothing short of that (ever, ever!) in my future, I began to seek His instructions about dating and I learned and discovered exactly what I was looking for.

Like I believed He would, He healed me of my broken-heart and gave me a new hope for my future career as I prayed and left it all in His hands, I didn’t have to wait to be completely healed to refocus my life intently on Him because I had faith that my longest and dearest friend, who also just so happened to be the powerful creator of the whole universe, loved me and would help me. I am still enjoying and lavishing this relationship with my amazing God: He continues to love, transform, develop, discipline, answer my prayers, teaches me it’s power and walks with me in my life and I know that all His promises are sure. He gives me great gifts and blessings and fills me with joy, peace and purpose every day! He is my everlasting hope. I cannot breathe without Him nor imagine a life without Him, my life would not be worth living and I don’t want to go on without Him as I imagine my mind would be a horrific dark, aimless and constantly unsettling place of woe and gloom. I long to be with Him forever and don’t want to turn anywhere else because He is it, He is all and He fulfils always. Oh and he has also forgiven me all my sins therefore I don’t have to worry about all that anymore! I just have to keep my relationship with Him going, I learn such faithfulness from Him because He is and has always been faithful to me.


Sister Eunice.