Through Christ mortality, we have a common ground with God, and with His immortality we are rest assured that He isn’t human, sometimes we think that He is incapable of carrying our burden, based on the fact that He is immortal, but with the common ground of mortality which we share with Christ we can be rest assured that the burdens we constantly offload onto Him are being carried by Him.

Sometimes, you wish someone would just have a good conversation with you, and the feeling of where-have-you-been-all-my-life. You wish someone would just come into your life and help you sort through your problems. I know all I want sometimes is someone who doesn’t have to reply (at least not immediately) as I lay down my worries, I just want someone who would listen, I often feel this way, and I imagine many others can relate. Perhaps, there are things that you wished someone had said to you and done, but hadn’t said and done. A common ground you wish you could share with someone, a mutual interest. Maybe it’s someone you can identify with, someone that gets you? The truth is someone gets it all, I mean all of it. Things you don’t even know just yet, things you’ve been working through for a while, and even things you are…

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