Today, I will be continuing with God’s Purpose for Your Life and Its Discovery. It is my prayer that at the end of this post that there will be a fresh desire to seek the path of God’s purpose for your life.

I will start by introducing the ingredients necessary in getting your purpose. When you talk about ingredients, the first thing that comes to mind is a pot of delicious meal and just like a delicious meal which takes an entire process, purpose as well is a process and when cooked following the right steps then you will come out the way God wants you to. However, just like you are the God of your pot of soup, God is the God of your life but you have to be ready to submit to “the fire’ i.e submit to His will in faith and cook your own self, based on His instructions (Ephesians 2:10). I have outlined, the ingredients that could make you a brand new man/woman walking in God’s divine purpose  for your life below;

  • Read the manual: Just like the normal way any food is prepared, especially if you have never made it before, one must read how to make it before attempting it. The manual here is the bible. It contains a lot of people who have walked through the part of purpose and will definitely give you the motivation to want to walk through the same steps. (Joshua 1:8, 2 Timothy 2:15)
  • Plan: When do you want to start, do you have all the ingredients ready, do you have the right environment. You need to prepare yourself because you might have to make changes that might not be easy, you might have to buy some new books, you might have to read more, study more and understand what it means to walk according to God’s divine purpose and plan for your life.  (Proverbs 19:21)
  • Obedience: You might read the manual and you might say, it would have been better if I added 200ml of water instead of 100ml of water. However, strict obedience to the manual means that if the outcome comes out bad, it is not your fault as you know you followed the manual to the letter. However, God’s manual is true and powerful (Hebrews 4:12, John 17:17). Therefore, if you follow it to the letter, then the desired outcome is sure. God also speaks through dreams and vision and once you confirm that these are Godly visions by checking if it is in line with God’s word, then you should obey strictly. (Genesis 26:5)
  • Timing: If the manual says cook for 5 minutes and then you cook for longer then it then becomes your fault if you get it all wrong. Therefore, you have to be able to wait on the Lord and trust His timing. (Eccl 3:1)
  • Patience: Patience is purposely waiting on the Lord, trusting that there is no better time to execute other than His time. Sometimes it might be strenuous and not very pleasant but God’s time is the best.  (Isaiah 40:31, Hebrews 6:15).

One key example of a man who worked totally in God’s purpose was Abraham, who demonstrated these ingredients at every step of the way. You will also find Joseph and so many other bible characters who did. Jesus worked in God’s divine purpose and knew when the purpose for His life was done (John 19:30). Hezekiah gained 15 more years to live, contemplating with God’s own words because He knew that his purpose on earth was not finished yet (Isaiah 38, 2 Kings 18:1-8). Therefore, knowing your purpose is that important, it keeps you in control of your own life, this you will come to understand better after the next few paragraphs. Seeing life in a different divine light.

The Project Lifecycle.

I was in a project management lecture just about a year ago and it was mentioned that a project has a beginning and an end. I thought to myself, what about life? It has a beginning and an end too. Therefore, life is a project but just as a project must have a well-defined purpose, life too must have a well-defined purpose. In the lecture, the lecturer made a point, he said the worst thing that can ever happen in the life of a project is not to understand the project, hence you end up doing the wrong project. The same thing with life, once you miss why you are here, then you mix the entire purpose and hence you start and end accomplishing little or nothing. Therefore, the most important thing for every single person is to know and understand your purpose, because once that is done, life becomes worthwhile. There become an aim for every single day. Therefore, you are the project (life) and the project manager, as you manage your own life too, with God being the owner of the project, therefore means that your management should outline to the project owner’s specifications. That is why everything is for His glory, so if you execute the project God is happy and you are happy and you move from an employee to a personal friend like Dacid and Abraham were, (Genesis 1:26, James 2:23, Acts 13:22). For any project, once executed there is a reward and being the sol member of the team there is both and earthly reward to be shared with the body of Christ and the people around you and a heavenly reward.

A project lifecycle entails;

Purpose or project definition…………..Plan…………………..Execute…………………….Finish

It is important to note that at every stage, one has to check his/herself with the original ingredients. In the execution stage, for example, one has to ask oneself the following:, Am I still following the manual, is the plan still on track, have I followed every thing the project manager told me to do, what about the timing, will we get this done on time? Has my obedience been based on God’s time? What about my patience, have I agreed to stop when He told me to wait? These might not affect your reward but will definitely put you in right standing with the project manager.

One Key benefit is the fact that you know what to ask the project owner (God). When you know what you are to do on earth, asking God for supplies to help you complete your project becomes easy. No long prayers, it is all straight to the point and God who will supply all your needs accordingly; not wants accordingly (Philippians 4:19). God supplies your needs so that you can reach a project milestone that can help you get/afford your wants.

 I will close with an illustration and a conclusion.


  • Kelvin James wants to build a house and then hires Denver and Sons to construct this house. He then instructs them to come up with a building plan for the house, in which they did. The project is in the execution stage, but the amount of cement was underestimated. Therefore, Denver and Sons will need more cement to complete the project. They head over to Mr. Kelvin James’s office to make their claim (Isaiah 41:21).
  • Do you think Mr. Kelvin will give them the money for the extra bags of cement?
  • What if Denver went to Mr. Kelvin to ask for his son’s school fees and the job is going well?
  • What if the job was going badly and he went to ask for his son’s school fees?

I will leave the answer to you.


Life is a project and the project owner is God, it is amazing, though obvious to us, that if we complete this project called life properly, we get a chance to work with the Father, the Spirit and Son Public Unlimited Company full time. Since they have left a legacy here on earth, with a project of their own. we are to tap into their own project specification/plan, execute our lives in like manner with the previous project executed by the Father, the Spirit and Son PUC (the life of Jesus) then we will be in the company of God Himself and also part of the company. Since the company is eternal then we have to live eternally because it is part of our job description. SHALOM!


As promised I have included the slides here


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