Christ Identity was a year old yesterday and we decided to make this video to celebrate. As an internet community that exists to help plant new trees in the vineyard of Jehovah and to make the ones already planted to have deeper roots, we thought maybe this will touch some lives out there. We believe this video has a healing message that will make you carry on in Christ and when that happens then you can automatically carry on with life. Why? because Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).

How the Video is Doing?

The video was posted on our Facebook page and has been shown a lot of love with more than 3600 views, on Youtube 10 views and on Instagram which has a very cut out version has more than 200 views in just one day. Thanks to everyone who have helped us share this video with their friends, family members and colleagues.

Explaining the Video.

As a group we are reliant on Matthew 7:24-27 as our core scripture and yes, you might be part of the 3000 plus people that would have seen the video but I do not want you to end up building these words on sand, rather I want you to build it on a rock. Let it be impressed in your hearts (Deut 11:8). Our understanding of this scripture is, there are two types of acceptance to God’s word; knowledge acceptance and the understanding acceptance. It is our wish that you move to the understanding acceptance if you are not already there because this is what you can stand under in difficult times because it becomes easier to practice.

The video introduces a character called Lucas, who was trapped in the desert, the desert in the video signifies being trapped in a terrible situation that was set up by satan to make your life terrible, make you dejected and you really start thinking about if life is still worth living. The story continues by a man coming to give Lucas water, this signifies Jesus who has come to give life back (John 3:13-14, John 10:10b). The man also knew the way out of the desert (John 14:6).  In excitement, Lucas opted to follow the man because he saw that the man had so many supplies of which Lucas had none and a map (signifying Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life). The man was represented as not being well dressed as he looked haggard and tattered, this was drawn from Isaiah 53:2-3. Lucas took this water from the man, but after drinking it and working so many miles with the Haggard and looking man, he thought to himself, maybe this man does not know the way, he started to think about why he even trusted this man, he started to realise that this man stinks, he started to realise that maybe he should have taken the death option instead of the life option (The fact is nobody said the road will be easy He did not bring you this far to leave you- extract from Mary Mary Can’t give up now). Don’t think like the Israelites in the wilderness, God will never forsake you. It is somehow in our human nature that at the point of death we will take anything but when bubbling with life, we will be selective with what we can take. Here is our friend Lucas about to die in the desert, only to be given a second chance to live and then he starts to realize that the man who saved him stinks, looks haggard and tattered. I am sure again this reminds you of the Israelites who were on their way to a brand new destination, a land flowing with milk and honey, somewhere between the journey they said it is better for them to go back to Egypt, they worshipped other Gods and built a golden calf to worship (saying God stinks).

The video also targets people who are absolutely comfortable or kinda comfortable and do not care about Jesus or what He offers (i.e not in desert conditions, hence feel they do not need water). I tell you, there is a desert condition which all men go through and that is death and in this process, all you think about is life because man is always drawn towards their greatest need at any point in time. Therefore, this process increases your appetite for life so bad and that is all you want to drink. Then in that bed, you might start to think about a man who they said could give you another chance to live. It is our prayer that you get life in the backpack of your heart before you die and you always carry it everywhere in your heart and in every instance because we do not know when death will strike. However, God’s people shall not fear death as they will sleep in peace to wake up with Jehovah by their side.

Sometimes, yes it is difficult to understand the ways of God, why He takes us through certain parts but absolute trust in Him guarantees a glorious destination. You will fight battles and yes you will win them all because Jesus has overcome the world, you will have to pass through the heat but you are covered by the umbrella of the blood of Jesus, the path might be longer than you think but your destination will be in eternity.

I will stop it here as there is a lot you can personally draw out from the video. Take time to watch it and meditate on it. Marry it with your past, put it side by side with your present and project the lessons learnt onto a future that you can now live in Christ.


We were meant to complete, God’s Purpose for your Life and it’s Discovery Pt 2 this week but we thought getting this message across was much more paramount. The continuation will be done next week Saturday (28/01/2017). God bless!


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