I recently did a presentation on this topic and I will like to share the contents with us all. The slides will be made available at the end of the series for download.

Purpose Defined and some quotes about Purpose.

  • According to the web dictionary, purpose is the reason for which something is done, created or for which something exists. Synonyms: cause, impetus, occasion, point, reason, basis, justification and much more.
  • Purpose answers the question why: Among other questions, purpose seeks to answer,  is the question why. Why am I made, why does this exist, why am I here and so on. The most important thing about the question why is that how, when, where and what are all subsets of why. Take, for example, you know why you will be buying an iPhone 7 instead of a Samsung S7, I will expect you know some of the features, I expect you know the price, and so on. After you have got it, I expect you should know where you bought it, how you bought it, and so on. If you carefully scrutinise this example, you will definitely agree with the following statements; When you know your purpose you know what you are to do on earth, when you understand your purpose you will know how to get things done, where to get things done and  where to be at a particular point in time.
  • When you know why (y), you are a z away from solving the equation for your life: The alphabet begins with A and ends with Z, therefore when you know why (y) you exist you are only a Z away from completing your mission and Z stands for understanding, planning and execution (this will be discussed later).

i.e the equation for your life;

Best life you can ever live= God given purpose or why you exist (Y) + Z (Understanding+Planning+ Execution).

  • The reason why you are alive is found within the subset of the Alpha and the Omega: Alpha is the first Greek alphabet and Omega is the last. The reason why you are made is found in between these letters and the only way you can access this is by studying the word of God.
  • When you can answer the purpose question (i.e knowing why you exist), with constant meditation you then start to understand who you are and understand why you exist, you know what you stand for and you know how to get to your destination. (emphasis added knowing why you exist and understanding why you exist are two different things, see Matthew 7:24-27).
  • Purpose is the missing bit of the puzzle that makes the equation solved: In mathematics, you are to solve for X but in life, you solve for Y i.e Why. When Y is solved then you have the solution for your life. However, it is only wise to apply this solution.
  • When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable- (Dr Myles Munroe): It is plainly obvious that when we do not know what a thing is used for abuse is inevitable. I watched a movie years back, where a woman who had never seen a TV or one so big saw one, she thought it was a wardrobe and was looking for how to get it open. That is the way some of us are with our lives, we are are doing things that we are not made to do, therefore, the purpose we are made for on earth becomes undone. Then you look in the mirror and cannot understand what you have become, you cannot quite place yourself anymore, the reason being they have been deformed from wrong use. I have good news for you, the potter is here to put you back together again. Jeremiah 18:1-11, Isaiah 61:3
  • When purpose is known abuse becomes of your own making and hence it is your fault:  If you do know the reason why something has been made and still use it for the wrong reason, then whatever problem that comes out of it becomes your fault. A glass cannot handle very hot liquids, yet you put in a very hot liquid in it, you know this but you still do it, the outcome is then your fault and no one else. You say you only live once, you scream and shout YOLO (you only live once), then why take life as an experiment. Let me try and see, if what they said really happens, then you try and then you break. Thank God we serve a God of a second chance but then do not put the Lord your God to test. Luke 4:12
  • The vague view of destiny and the pathway thereof becomes clearer the more your purpose is revealed: Life stops being a mirage, rather it becomes a reality, you see things more clearly. You can ask your inner man why and through the help of the Holy Spirit you get answers, that is you know why you exist, and by deeper meditation on the reasons, you start to understand the reasons. This then means that the destination becomes clearer and because it is your own God given purpose you are more confident about it. I watched a documentary on the life of John D. Rockefeller, he was a man of extreme confidence, he believed so much that he was destined to be wealthy and could make deals which to the ordinary man felt outrageous. When you know your God-given purpose, to the ordinary man, you might seem to be a lunatic, a joke, a man on steroid and so on, but then they will soon have to either re-think or might change their theory of lunatism, a joke of a man, or what it means to be on steroid. They might start to say that lunatism pays when they see and hear of your success story.


Is life meaningless? (Eccl 1:2-11): I wrote a post a while back titled, “The Point” where this scripture was dealt with to some extent of which is still available on this site; it will give you a better understanding of the opening statement. This statement was made by one of the wisest men that ever lived; Solomon. His conclusion was that life has no meaning, but remember that he lived before the time of Jesus and now with Jesus life has a meaning. However, it does not stop there; If you are a Christian, then yes, you can say based on the word of God life has a meaning because you do have eternal life with Christ but God has a specific purpose for you (Jeremiah 29:11, Jeremiah 1:5), God has a purpose for the world (John 3:16), a purpose for man (Genesis 1:28) and a purpose for races and countries like with Isreal and all of these purposes are most of the time linked.  The big question is do you want to stop at the general purpose or do you want to stop at your specific purpose. There are different scales of meaning and the more you ponder on the purpose God has for you the more the scale of the meaning is revealed and understood. If you do not know what your specific purpose is, start from the word of God and first understand God’s purpose for mankind, run with it and as you keep on trying to achieve God’s general purpose for mankind here on earth then your own specific purpose will be revealed (Matthew 6:33).

Another question is;

 How can a man going east end up west? This is what I will tag as loss of direction or focus, you have been told where to go but then you end up somewhere else. You might think this is stupid, but you might be  in this category without even knowing, there is a saying, “ a man that does not know where he is going thinks that wherever he is, is the destination,” I will add that there are four possibilities to when a man who knows where he is going ends up in the wrong direction. It is either he lost his way somewhere, had the wrong direction from the start, changed his mind for various reasons or is foolish. One biblical example is Jonah, who was told to go to Tarshish but instead went to Nineveh because of convenience. Sometimes, even after knowing our purpose, we try to run away from it because we feel it is not very convenient, other times we feel we are not good enough (like Moses, Exodus 4:10), Sometimes we ask God to show us the path but He is silent about the way but shows you the end like Joseph or maybe we think we do not have enough ability (like Jeremiah, Jeremiah 1:6), but remember it was God who made you and because He made you, He would have equipped you and can equip you for it. Remember, He does not call the qualified in the site of man, the called is qualified in His sight, His ways are not our ways (1 Samuel 16:4-7, Isaiah 55:8). Your reason for being alive determines the path you take, if your reason is eastward your easiest route is via the east road. God has mapped out your path all you need is to follow his leading. Imagine if God told Joseph that his brothers would sell Him to slavery, He would have never spoken to them again and maybe his destination might have not been reached, maybe he would have mourned and so on. In all of these we cannot question or alter God’s plan and direction for it always prevails (Proverbs 19:21). He mapped the path and in doing so looked at all challenges ahead, all possibilities and chose the route best for you.

In conclusion, purpose is useless if you do not know it, it is even worse if you know it and don’t understand it but it starts to have a choking effect on your overall life when you know, you understand and do not apply it. Life could be easier if we all knew our purposes, but will all don’t. However, the first step in getting your purpose established on earth is by turning your compass Godward, constantly asking Him, why you exist because He is the one who made you………………………(To be Continued 21/01/2017)…………..Shalom!

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