And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me. (Luke 7:23) KJV

Sometimes in life, we do not always get what we want. Sometimes, we pray for something and we do not get it immediately. This makes some of us angry and we start to ask God if He is really there and start to doubt. For some others, they might be going through a down time and then they see a neighbour who has absolutely no regard for God flourishing and again they begin to doubt. The fact is as a human being it is perfectly normal for negative thoughts to pop into your head but as a Christian, they are to be debunked and not acted upon. In the bible, we have a whole lot of examples of people who faced a whole lot of backlash for the gospel and for the works of God but their faith remained ever strong. Look at Abraham, Job, Noah and so many of them from end to end of the scriptures and we saw how God cared for them.

Today, I will take you briefly through two examples of a negative reaction and a positive reaction by two men in the bible faced with situations that were far from pleasing.  If we follow the story in our open scripture you will understand that it was John the Baptist who was offended by Jesus that prompted Jesus to make the statement He made. In Luke 17:19b, we see John sending his disciples to ask if Jesus is the Christ or if there is someone else to come. This is the same John Baptist that baptised Jesus and saw the Spirit of God descend on Him like a dove (Luke 3:22), but why was John the Baptist in doubt? Because he was in prison and Jesus did not come through for him.

Now let us look at someone else, who was in a similar situation to John the Baptist and see how he reacted. In Acts 16, we read the account of Paul and Silas who were thrown in prison and in Acts 16:25, this was said about them, “Around midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening.” So regardless of the prison situation and despite all of the beatings in the middle of the night, their breakthrough came after continually praising God. No doubt whatsoever, that their God will come through for them.

Sometimes, when you are in a prison situation, your first thought could be to cry out, where are you, Lord? Instead of crying out in agony cry out in praise and remember the God you serve is the creator of everything and everything works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). If you read Acts 16:25, you will see that the breakthrough of Paul and Silas was at about midnight but then they would have started praising God prior. So your breakthrough might not come immediately but it will surely come. Praise is the key out of any prison situation you might be in. Remember, the ultimate show of faith is the courage and boldness to proclaim praises in the name of God, despite prison situations. Blessed are those who have not yet seen but believe (John 20:29).

If the faith of these great men of God could be tested, yours too will be tested, even in the garden of Eden, devil came in to test man. To pass the test of Faith one key virtue is courage, courage to face the opposition without any iota of fear, knowing that God will eventually come through for you. Paul and Silas passed this test because he had the courage to not be down and the boldness to proclaim praises in the prison, knowing fully well that God will come through for you.

Today, I leave you with the question, how will you react when those things you always wished for don’t come immediately, even after asking God? Your faith in God will always be tested but those with a heart that beats for God will always pass the test. It’s a new year soon in some places, a new year already in some others. Lastly, in this new year, make a new resolution, not to kick God out from your life, walk with Him and His

Lastly, in this new year, make a new resolution, not to kick God out from your life, walk and work with Him and His secrets for your life will be revealed to you.

We wish you an awesome New Year, on behalf of all the Christ Identity Members.

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