Matthew 1:21 – And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Text Review:

The importance of Christmas cannot be talked about without mentioning the name JESUS.As we know, Christmas also has ‘Christ’ in it.

The first coming of JESUS is the reason why we celebrate Christmas today. And to celebrate Christmas effectively, it is important to know the purpose of the first coming of JESUS,

At the beginning when God created the Heavens and the Earth, man was free from sin and was without curses.

The fall of Adam and Eve led to the advent of sin and curses upon mankind…Genesis 3:6-19.

This, therefore, made any man born of a woman a sinner…Psalms 51:5.As a result of this, curses automatically came to every man born of a woman.

‘Believe it or not, every man born of a woman inherited curses from our father Adam’

All the sufferings of mankind are as a result of the sin placed on man.

Asides curses, several things listed here was upon mankind;

  • Shame – Genesis 3:7
  • Fear – Genesis 3:8-10
  • Death

Shame came because when they (Adam and Eve) were without sin, they were covered in the glory of God so they were not ashamed…Genesis 2:25.

Some people do say that if Adam and Eve did not sin that means we humans would have been walking around naked. But that is not true and wouldn’t have been the case because Adam and Eve were covered with God’s Glory.

Fear came as a result of sin. This has made every man born of a woman to be afraid. The fear of the future, the fear of failure, the fear of making wise decisions, minding what others will say, the fear of even success, the fear of the devil, etc still disturbs the heart of most men here on Earth.

Death came also as a result of sin. The death being described here isn’t physical death but eternal death. I would describe this death as ‘complete separation from God’.

Sin brought all these upon Adam and Eve and upon mankind but Glory to God that even right from the beginning God already made a solution.

He promised in Genesis 3:15 to bring a seed from the woman that will bruise the head of satan.

Since from creation seeds have always been from men which bring about a child but God promised to bring a seed from a woman.

Mary was the only woman in human history to be with a seed that brought forth the birth of JESUS.

“The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil (sin, fear, shame, death).” 1 John 3:8

This was the purpose that Christ came, the reason we celebrate Christmas so that He would save you and I from sin and the forthcoming dangers of sin.

He came to give us eternal life not just physical life…John 3:16

How did HE do this? By His blood…He came and died and by the power, in His blood, our sins have been cleansed…1 John 1:7

In order to celebrate HIS first coming(Christmas) effectively, we need not forget all that HE came for. We need to accept HIM and all that HE offers.

Accepting HIM is simple; Romans 10:9  If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Be prepared for HIS second coming, because definitely, HE is going to be back to save again those that belong to HIM.



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