A door is open (John 10:9), you are scared, you do not know what is inside, you wait for someone to come and out, then you ask what is inside?  they say a lot of water (John 7:38) but it feels nice, still not convinced you might like it, you see someone else coming out and then you ask again, what is inside, and then he says a lot of light it makes me happy (Matthew 8:12). You think, happiness, water and light; what else might be in there, you wonder. What is inside? The door is still open, but you still want more people to come out from it. You need more evidence that it really good in there. Again you reason, this door those not look very nice, this house those not look very big, why will it have all of these things (John 14:6, Matthew 7:13-14, Isaiah 52:14, Isaiah 53:2). Then you decide, to wait for more people to come out before you go in and if no one else comes out then you will find happiness and maybe something like this water they talked about and for the light you reason that the sun is bright enough.

The act of thinking, analysing and wondering. Gracious gifts from the Most High but let you wondering, analysis and thinking do not make you want to try, when the evidence is overwhelming. The what if question, is very good but if you have overwhelming evidence what makes you hold back. People have experienced God’s awesome glory and have constantly shared God’s glory with the brethren and outsiders. You have heard about it but you are still asking what if? There is no harm in a trial, if you go into the door and you do not see what you like, you can come out; the door will not shut when you go in. The time spent standing outside and analysing can give room for the devil to act even more, hence, letting you get lost in the crowd forever, so when you have the opportunity to be around the door, walk in!

God is specific about you; He has answered your questions but you are still asking more questions. The door was opened before you were born (Romans 5:8) and God has opened it for you to come in. Though it wasn’t all pleasant, the story might all but convince you but then get in and try. Personally, I saw evidences, I heard stories and then I tried and since then I have occasionally stood at the door and wondered around with the shepherd trying to get more people to be part of His joyous flock, screaming join our shepherd and come into our little pen (Psalms 16:11).

I am not the only one screaming, we are quite a number here and we want you to experience what we are experiencing. I always likened it to a chocolate factory, that makes a chocolate you have never tried before, there is no need to not want to share the chocolate with your friends when your father owns the factory. He said I will supply all your needs according to His riches and glory (Philippians 4:19). Well if He is the supplier then I do not have anything to worry about anything because everything in heaven and on earth belongs to Him (Psalm 24:1). This chocolate I have come to share is grace. Manufactured more than two thousand years ago to quench the bitterness of sin. The father’s grace, grace that is greater than all our sins (Romans 5:15,20). You might find fakes all around but nothing comes close to the original. You are not the first to ask for signs (Matthew 12:39) but He has already given you a sign. So let the screamers join me and scream we need more people in the room our God is a God of Love and we are His children hence we share God’s love with you.

Believers, let us get more people through the door. Jesus is the door (John 10:9) and the only door. In one way or the order God has given us unique gifts to get our friends, neighbours and family members through the door. He is so concerned for the lost some of which are your friends. Romans 5:10 makes us understand that, if when we were not on God’s side God died for us, how much more being on His side. If you enjoy God’s grace you have to be more than willing to share it. It is only a bad friend that would not tell another friend the good things he/she is experiencing. God loves everyone so much and  sin is not an issue because He already took care of it, for whence you walk through this door you are saved and have the gift that comes with grace.

I will leave you with one last thought, God through Jesus has solved the problem of your life and He is more than happy to see you use His solution. Every inventor is more than happy and proud when His invention is used in a class or in a school. In the class/school of life, in which you are privileged to still be part of, God is more than happy to see you use His principle that guarantees you eternal life and a fulfilled life while on earth, this principle is found in  the textbook of life (The Bible). God Bless those who are in the confinements of the door and God bless those who will make use of the small effort required to walk through this door. Shalom!

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