God is defined by the dictionary as, a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity. So powerful is a god, but I think we have been so intoxicated by the power and might of what a god should be like that we forget who the Christian God is. I see a people yearning for a god, the one that fits the norm, the one that you have always heard about. The one that does not talk back, the one you cannot hear, the one that spies on us, the one that requires some form of ritual to communicate with and so on.

Perhaps, you were always a Christian and you do not really get it. You just have to follow because you were born into a Christian home. You have unanswered questions and you are told just believe one day you will understand, just pray He will hear you, Just seek and keep seeking you will find Him, He is there, He is spying on you, Do you know that your life has already been determined they say, He knows all you will ever do, you have to be scared of Him; fear the Lord and if you are a sinner God hates you. Does God hate me? you ask, how can He who calls Himself Love hate? How can He who said He has dealt with sin call me a sinner, how can He who say Love my enemies and He cannot Love me. The word coming out from some pulpits is different from the words in the bible and this has led many astray. Some churches have now become a marketplace where salvation is sold and scare tactics being used. There are more literates in the world than they have ever been and people can no longer be easily deceived by falsified gospels contrary to what is in the Bible. Painting a God so scary different from the loving God we read about might work only for a while. Coming closer to the gospel I do not see these things, I do not even see a God, I see a father who is reluctant to even have the name God according to some of the definitions we have today of what a God should be.

What I see about our Father in heaven is a powerful being that wants to share His power with His children, a immortal being that wants to share His immortality with His children, a loving Father who wants to share His Love with His children. Some of us have worshiped other “gods” and then come to know this “God” and try to fit Him in with the God they use to know, try to fit in Him with How a “God” should be like. All I see is a loving Father who cares so much for His children and will do anything to find them.

If He admitted it in His word, then We have to accept that this is who He is and not take this out or never talk about them because it does not fit your doctrine or theology.  So yes He did have regrets that He had made these children (Genesis 6:6) but He found one whom was willing to work with Him and so spared His entire creation, He found a nation who was willing to work with Him and spared the entire world. He identified sin and then did all He could solve this problem. This is a Father who was spoken of by David as someone who exalts His word more than His name (Psalm 138:2). A father who called David a man after His heart (1 Samuel 13:14) and Abraham His friend (James 2:23).  I see a father who wants a relationship with His children and not to dominate His children as a God. No matter how you see it, He said if you want to play the God game and call me God then you too are gods (John 10:34), if you want to play the king game then you too are kings (1 Timothy 6:15), if you want to play the Lord game then you too are lords (Psalm 136:3) and if it is the father game then you are sons (John 1:12). He made us in His image and gave us the very nature which He had and said rule just like I rule (Genesis 1:26). He was hurt when man had deviated from His love and yes He wanted to wipe out man and all of His creation but like I said He found Noah and yes you can work with Him too (Genesis 6:8). This is a God who respects the will of His children no matter what. In the parable of the prodigal son when the sons wanted their inheritance, He gave it to them without hesitation (Luke 15:11-32). This is a Father who respects the wills and wishes of His Children. The Israelites wanted to be like other nations and wanted a king He gave them a king (1 Samuel 8:4-22), they wanted an army but He became their army, they wanted food He gave them food in all of this the father was never at fault. When He gave them food He was hurt when they did not like the food He gave, He was hurt when they gave the time meant for Him to other Gods.  This is a God that Moses was able to have a conversation with and He changed His mind (Exodus 33:12-14). This is a God I see with feelings of which I have never heard of any God like this. You might ask what kind of God is this? He does not fit into the God I have always heard. This is LOVE from a FATHER. Yes He is powerful and His power can save us sometimes but His Love that saves us all the time. In fact, His love is power.

There is the great debate on if there is a God why then will there be evil in this world. My simple answer to that is there isn’t enough Noahs, there isn’t a lot of people who want to work with Him, you see the father has never been the kind of father that affects the will of His children and the simple reason why there is evil is because He is speaking but very few are listening. The prodigal son who went far from the father suffered evil because he had gone away from the father not because the father never existed. There is a God but not the one who is going to force you to listen, force you to see and so on. There is no God yes, the type you are looking for; you will not find that kind of God but there is a father who is willing to work with His children. In the beginning we were told He will come in the cool of the day to walk with Adam (Genesis 3:8), we were told He wrestled with Jacob (Genesis 32:22-32). A lot of people do not want a God like this, people want a God that will just seat up there and rule and tell us what to do and punish us if we do something bad. This is the God in the bible, you might want to debate it because it does not fit the norm, your theology or you might try to reduce the effect of these bible passages but there are they and they make me love this God ever the more.  God wants us to be His children and work and rule with Him. So call Him God or Father but if you call Him God then know which God you are talking about. This is the God I know and He wants to share a mutual feeling and understanding with His children. Shalom!


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