Shalom to everyone, I hope you’ve all been blossoming in Christ.

Today I’ll be talking to you about one of the three main goods of our covenantal relationship with Jesus. Christ didn’t only renew a personal and covenantal relationship between humankind and God, He also promised us main goods from this reinstall relationship with God. One of which is GRACE. Firstly, let me explain the word goods (in this context, it simply means benefits, blessings, gains, or benediction), solely how you regard the attributes of being in good standing in your relationship with God.

Secondly, just like any relationship or communication, our relationship with God isn’t one sided, at least it shouldn’t be. It requires our own effort and dedication as well. In any form of relationship or communication, it’s common to have some form of expectation, what we wish for to happen, and sometimes what benefit we get from knowing the other party. God only expects our dedication to him through Christ (accepting Christ into our lives), and the ultimate gain for us is to one day meet Him in heaven surrounded by His glory (glory, which is another of Christ’s goods to us, but another topic for another day).

When we care or still every much care about something or someone, we go the extra mile to make things blossom, and make them happy. When we act according to God’s will (His expectation of us), He blesses us, I like to see this as His gifts to us. His greatest gift to us is Christ (His birth, life, death, and resurrection), and by accepting this one gift that he willingly offered to us, the gift Himself (Christ) promised that there was/is more to come. Imagine going for a walk one nice evening and someone walks up to you, offers you a gift and inside that gift is another, another, much more, and never ending. You do not know this person, and you haven’t worked for this gift. The Truth (Truth, another of Christ’s goods to us) is, we might not know this person, but He knows us, He has for all of our existence, each and every one of us, individually. This simple act of offering is GRACE, the unmerited or the undeserving favor of God to us. We may think or know we don’t deserve this gift because we having worked for it or haven’t put enough effort into earning it. However, God says it’s ours if and when we want it, all we’ve got to do is to make the effort of accepting it, that’s all the work we’ve got to do at first, and all the work we’ll ever have to do is to do His will. Romans 3:23-24 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” (NKJV). Exciting, isn’t it? Not even close to the fun you can ever imagine. God’s grace is beyond our imagination, it’s never ending.

One of my favorite words to use is, GRACE, I often use this word because I know what it means to me, and what it’s like to be surrounded, living, and guided by God’s grace. The word GRACE (from the Greek word: Charis means goodwill, favor, loving-kindness, that affords pleasure, joy, and delight the Holy Spirit). In Christ resurrection, He promised us the Holy Spirit, to be our guide, and how best is it to be able to fully utilize God’s grace if not through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God’s grace is one of the beautiful experiences to witness, it brings wonderful people into our lives, including Christ. It enables us to walk across oceans, opens doors that would otherwise have been close. It’s one currency that we can’t fully comprehend the value. According to, Exodus 33:16 “For how then will it be known that your people and I have found grace in Your sight, except You go with us? So we shall be separate, your people and I, from all the people who are upon the face of the earth” (NKJV). Moses counted on God’s grace for the Israelites’ journey to the promise land, even after their many disobediences. Like Moses, we can always count on God’s grace, even after we’ve fallen short in our good standing with Him.

May God’s grace be abundant in our lives as we act toward making our relationship with Him blossom.


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