Psalms 147:5

Great is our Lord and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite.

There are numerous bible verses that prove the infinite nature of God, the opening scripture talks about the omniscience of God. God is also omnipresent and omnipotent. Omni simply means all or more simply every. God is really everything. You cannot take Him away from anything and He has left his mark on every of His creation. So to doubt His existence is to doubt the air that you breathe.

Romans 1:20,

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from His workmanship, so that men are without excuse.

I cannot really think of many verses where God Himself said who He is in clear terms, the only one that comes to mind in clear and striking terms is;

Rev 22:13,

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. 

(Also see Rev 1:8,17)

 The enormity of these terms “alpha and omega, beginning and the end and first and last” cannot be undermined. What does it mean to be the alpha and the omega? In plain terms, Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and the Omega is the last.  The verse doesn’t stop there it goes on to say the first and the last and the beginning and the end. Curiosity might kill the cat but luckily I am not one, so my curiosity has led me to come to understand the magnitude of this short verse.

 Everything and all are maybe the best words to describe God’s magnitude, but He is more than everything and all, and therefore, simply put He is more than infinity. Thinking about the “number” infinity led me to think about Moses’s encounter with God at mount Sinai, where there was a burning bush that wasn’t consumed. Remember when Moses asked God who he was, and all He said was that “I am” (Exodus 3:14). What is He? The fact that God could not find a suitable word to qualify or quantify Himself to Moses, trying to quantify or qualify him is like limiting His total worth to a specific action or task. He called Himself the Vine, a Teacher, the Way, the Truth, Life and so on. We also have names which were given to Him by great prophets of old and biblical characters, My Shepherd, El Olam, El Roi, Jehovah Sabbaoth, to name but a few. Looking critically into these names we know that these names were for different purposes.  As many as our needs and wants so also are his names. The bible has revealed some and we know through the Holy Spirit during our intercessions He reveals to us what name to cry upon in our distress and how best to praise God in thanksgiving, something David was very good at in the Psalms. No wonder He was a man after God’s heart, despite his obvious shortcomings.

 If we had a set of numbers that had all the numbers contained in it, you agree with me that such a set can be tagged as an infinite set of numbers. So in all of this, alpha and omega, first and last, beginning and end. It can be explained with the term INFINITY. If this infinite set is a set of number that includes all numbers without the exclusion of any other numbers you will agree that such set contains the beginning and the end of all numbers. Try as hard as you can to make any number, this set has got it all covered within its boundaries.

The “number” infinity brings us closer to understanding the magnitude of God’s worth but sincerely does not do justice to His actual magnitude. As you might already know God is the beginning and the end, the first and last, these are terms I have used in relation to the aforementioned infinite set. Infinity cannot be quantified, you don’t know the last number at the moment but you know that there should be an end to numbers,  some people will argue that there is a beginning to numbers but what is it? 0.000001 or 0.00000000000001 or maybe it is the mathematical term “0”, which is the smallest number which really cannot be defined. People will still argue what about the negative numbers they are smaller than zero if we go down that path then the smallest number will be the negative of the biggest number which cannot be defined. Remember, our Infinite set of numbers ranges from the beginning to the end of numbers, which I am sure you are convinced it is –ve infinity to +ve infinity.

 Another term I would like us to understand is nothing. What is nothing, mathematically nothing is usually represented by 0, but then zero is only limited to the absence of a particular something. There cannot be an absolute non-existence of matter in any place, anything or anywhere. It is absolutely impossible to have zero everything. The world we live in today is full of a lot of limits with numbers trying to make things simple and make God complicated by limiting Him just like we limit numbers. I do not know how numbers came about but My God it must have come from God because numbers without limit tell me that there is God.

  You can say that there is nothing in my hand right now but that is impossible because nothing has to be specific to something. It is alright if you say that I have no oranges on my hand but on a molecular or atomic scale you can never have nothing in your hand. Where getting smaller up to be smallest is never a possibility getting bigger to the biggest is a possibility. We all are in the universe and there is nothing bigger than the universe, but something will always be smaller than an atom and something will always be smaller than even protons, neutrons, and electrons. For nothing to exist then everything has to be put away. The best definition of nothing is, therefore, infinity subtracted from infinity, as long as the universe stands then there will never be nothing. In the world, today nothing or zero is something that gives an insignificant difference to something. All of these being said and hopefully understood, this phenomenon will be applied to coming close to understanding a few things and their relationships to God. As you read along in the part 2 of this series remember nothing (0), something (any natural number), everything (infinity).

 In conclusion, I know there have been a few mathematical terms today but I will just like to stress out the main points;

  • If we had all the numbers there will ever be, the biggest number and the smallest numbers will be +ve infinity and –ve infinity respectively. This reminds me of the fact that God is the first and the last.
  • I am reminded that without God the world is nothing because if I take God from absolutely everything then I have absolutely nothing, just like infinity subtracted from infinity gives me absolutely nothing. A life without God equates to nothing.
  • That God’s might and magnitude are unthinkable just like trying to count to the biggest number or trying to imagine what the biggest number could ever be. The fact is as I keep counting, more keeps coming up.

 So if I cannot imagine the magnitude of the infiniteness of numbers. How can I even dare imagine the magnitude of God? There are so many conclusions which I understood better by using various mathematical expressions for infinity which I am willing to be share in part 2 of this subject. Shalom!

4 thoughts

  1. First mistake of this post u need to correct immediately is the parahgrah of moses and who GOD said he is.

    “The fact that God could not find a suitable word to qualify or quantify Himself to Moses, trying to quantify or qualify him is like limiting His total worth to a specific action or task. ”

    I am means every and all. This sentence is defacing GOD and ur whole purpose of this post.

    I am- mean. A point of time that can not be removed.
    I am the past
    I am the future
    I am the past

    I am the center point that can not remove anything of where it is at in that time moment place and point

    I am is the all being particle matter mass dust air water breath birds trees

    See my post on twitter of the crusifix fish
    Here is your proof of I AM


    1. Thanks for taking time to comment. I was not trying to deface God in any way. This was more about our language being deficient in describing God. I believe we can say everything is the best word but then He is more than everything . If we were all given a pen and were asked to write about all the things God is we will write forever. Trying to say that I am means the past, future, present and so on is simply trying to figure out what He might have meant when He simply said I Am. Again thanks for commenting I really appreciate. God Bless!


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