Noah's ark

No! it is not animated, it is real and it is in Kentucky. It is easy to underestimate the size of Noah’s ark and it is even more difficult to picture. Ken Ham and his team have just finished building a perfect replica of Noah’s ark, according to the bible’s descriptions. The total estimated cost of this ark is $100 million and it is located in Kentucky in the United States of America and will be open to the public on the 7th of July. You can click here for more information.

Looking at this engineering masterpiece in the video above. It just shows the faith Noah had in God. He was not  discouraged by the size of the ark to be built, He was not discouraged by the few amount of labourers available,  he was not discouraged by how long it will take, but he showed absolute belief in the word of God. I look again at this video and see a lot of tools beings used, tools which were not available to Noah yet it was completed. This makes me believe that the circumstances or the non-availability of resources should not be a thing to think about when God is involved. When God is involved, you have all the resources you will ever need, both mental and physical. We were not told that Noah was an engineer, but he surely constructed something that all engineers today will be proud of. Glory be to God!

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