Yesterday at our community meeting in Aberdeen a lot of points were made. I thought about some of the points which were raised yesterday and have summarised some of the points. One thing we must understand is that Jesus did not make any mistake when He said, all authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Him in Matthew 28:18. I looked up the word authority and I found out that authority is different from power, but they are very similar. You cannot have power without authority. You have to be authorised to have power, that is what it means. Looking again at this verse, we can see that Jesus is authorized to have power over the earth and the heavens.  I have listed some of the questions which were raised yesterday and some of the answers which were discussed with a few additions.

1. Why then do Christians suffer if all authority has been given to Jesus?


a) Trickery of Satan: I recently saw a video of an ex-satanist (John Ramirez), who is now an evangelist, he said, his spirit leaves his body and goes out at night, to communities saying negative things concerning those communities. Like I said, the devil has no power, the power he has is the power man has given to him to operate with. When people join satan, they trade their soul to the devil and that is what satan works with, it is this power that satan uses. He distributes this power to his earthly agents who then use the power of the tongue in fighting on the ground. The power he has is the souls that he has, and you can bear me witness that he has a lot of souls in his hand. He is only a trickster and illusionist who makes himself more important than he is worth, he uses men to get his power and uses men to make others fall. Man is the primary habitat of the earth, God gave man dominion over the earth in Genesis 1:28 and in doing so, He made us the king of the earth. Even though our dominion and domain were lost to satan, it does not change the fact that for any change to occur on earth, a body is needed. Even God needed the body of Jesus to solve the problem of death and sin. What do I mean? The fight therefore, is not for authority because we know the devil doesn’t have any. John Ramirez said something, he said satan has many gates; the eye gate, the mouth gate, the ear gate and so on. I will focus on the mouth gate, the words we say as Christians are very important, if for example you have an exam and then you say something like; I am not so sure about that exam, the devil can pick that and use that against you, he can use that to hold you down. Also, because the devil has a lot more people on his side who are far more diligent than Christians are today, they are constantly speaking evil every day concerning the saints. He said when he was a Satanist, their services lasted from 7p.m to 5a.m and they dare not leave. He said they constantly speak negative things concerning the saints, they run shift in the night going into communities and speaking negative things towards that community. The concept of blood cannot be undermined also, we are born into this world, sometimes with no idea who and what our forefathers were, we do not know what kind of covenants they went into with the devil, men are still selling their birth-right to satan even till today, exchanging their spirit and soul, for material things. As Christians we are to warfare in prayer concerning those things. Jesus said,” pray without ceasing.” This is our weapon of warfare, and don’t forget your God given equipment according to Ephesians 6:13-18. I will also add every good thing comes from the Lord, then how come people who worship satan get to enjoy a lot of good things? I listened to another video from an ex-Satanist, he said  a lot of Christians do not put on the full armour, he emphasised that all the time he was a Satanist, there was never a true prayer that wasn’t answered, but they always made sure that they targeted the weak spot where the Christian was lacking, be it faith, salvation and so on. He finally went on to say that they finally snatch the answer and this is what they give to their people. No wonder Jesus said pray without ceasing, Christians it is our warfare.

b) How we Pray: if you look at the Lord’s prayer Jesus said something, “let Your will be done” a lot of us Christians are forgetting that part of praying about God’s will. Sometimes our prayer sounds like suggestions to God, and I am guilty of that fact too. We are going through a test that God has allowed, and we are praying let this test go away. Remember Job was allowed by God himself to face trials. So my personal opinion about this is yes, let us pray that whatever thing we presume to be challenging pass away, but we should always say at the end of our prayer, God if it is Your will, let it be done.

c) Understanding of the Word of God:  As was mentioned, our understanding of the word of God is key, understanding is a bright light into the knowledge of something. when you understand something, you are willing to break the odds to put it into practice. When we face a particular trial, we are to seek knowledge and deeper understanding of the root of the problem by getting books of people who faced similar problems and find solutions to that problem. Like was said, there is a particular key in the word of God that unlocks a particular situation and obstacle. If someone has found the key, we should seek to follow suit. If a problem is known, then it could be solved. Identifying the problem is key to finding solutions.

d) Purpose: A lot of us don’t pray the purpose prayer (who we actually are meant to be). Just like with will, we say to God in prayer, God I want to be this and that, instead of God make me who you want me to be. The bible says in proverbs 19:2, “Many are the plans is a man’s heart but God’s purpose will prevail” it also says in Jeremiah 1:5 “before I formed thee in the womb I knew thee.” Therefore, we all have a predefined role to play on the earth and that is what we have been destined to do. Sometimes, we are lead towards the path of destiny via passion, but as usual, the devil comes in and try to trick you and me into thinking that we are not good enough. He tried to do that with Moses, he did that to Jonah, but we thank  God for His grace.

e) Trials: Before being and after being an ambassador, trails will come. As was said in how an ambassador is chosen, he must face through exams, and even after being an ambassador, you are not to sleep on the same spot, you are to improve, you are to be taken to the next level. You have to read more of the bible, you have to always be updated with the latest news and you have to keep doing the work. God allows these trials, for your sake and for His glorification.

2)  When do you become an ambassador, when you are born again or after?


 Remember what happened when a man who was blind from birth came across Jesus. The disciples asked Him, what sin has this man committed that he is blind from birth, Jesus replied and said none, it so happens that the power of God is to be made manifest in him John 9:1-4. We do not have so much information about the man, but I can bet he would have spoken so much about Christ everywhere he went. His reward is in heaven. It would have been easier for him to speak about Christ because people on the street knew him. Therefore, he would not even be the one to go meet them to speak about Christ, but they will go meet him saying what happen? Then he will speak about Christ. In John 9:35 was when the blind man become born again, but he started to talk about Christ even before he became born again. Does that mean he was an ambassador before he was born again?  The answer is No, why? Because he did not know who he was representing. You cannot be an ambassador of a country that you do not know well enough or you do not know at all. It is the role of an ambassador to study the country where he is and the country he is from. The role of an ambassador of Christ is to reconcile others to God. Therefore, he must have an understanding of the country he belongs to and the country the unreconciled dwell. As what was said in 1 Corinthians 5:20, we speak for God when we plead come back to God. If you got born again today, can you go into the street and start saying repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand? Yes you have the power to do so, but the chances are, you will go home depressed and if you are not strong enough you will think about your faith and might lose it. Four steps were outlined on how to be chosen as an ambassador in the last post, and I feel that this does justice to this question. Lastly, the agreed age of accountability is about 12, at age 12 someone can be born again and baptised. If after baptism, he jumps into the street and starts saying repent, who will listen to him? What words will he say? How much of the word of God does he know?

Paul the Ambassador

Paul was an ambassador in chains according to Ephesians 6:20. We know for sure that Paul was in prison when he wrote the book of Ephesians. The question I will ask is if Paul was not in prison, would he have been able to write so many books. We definitely cannot answer that question, but I believe that God allowed that to happen for his will and purpose to prevail. Paul had so much understanding of the word of God that Peter testified that some of the things Paul says are hard to understand 2 Peter 3:16. Personally, I feel the prison allowed Paul to write more and definitely study more because he must have been less distracted. God’s purpose was for him to be an ambassador by writing. His ambassadorial strategies are listed in 1 Corinthians 9:16-23.

3)  How do you reconcile a strong believer?


  • Are you qualified to: You are qualified in the discipleship stage of your Christian life which will be talked about more. The great commission was given to the disciples remember (Matthew 28:16-20). I will also add that the discipleship stage is when you are doing something for the church. The church is the body of Christ. When we are serving in the church it shows true followership. The disciples did not just follow Jesus everywhere He went, we know that they had different roles. Judas Iscariot, we are told was a treasurer.
  • The second step is prayer: According to Ephesians 6:11-12, when we go talk to an individual we are not dealing with the individual per say, but we are dealing with the spirit that works in him. There are weapons in high places which are obviously stopping people from accepting Jesus as their Lord and saviour and that must be prayed against. Pray that God leads you to the people He wants you to talk to.
  • Understanding what they believe/strategy: Again, this is why I say ambassadorial duties cannot be for someone who just got born again. Why? Because if you are to go in search of what they believe you might end up joining them. Therefore, you must have a strong understanding of the word of God. Go watch the best atheist debaters, the best Muslim debaters, equip yourself with questions that they likely will ask, get to know what they believe and why they believe it. For example, the Muslim believe the bible is corrupt. Then, you must seek alternative ways of how you can approach the Muslim. For example, if you have watched a video of Zakir Naik (One of the best and most famous Muslim Apologetic and debater), you can say to your Muslim friend let us watch this together, and then you see something like in John 14, where we were promised of the Holy Spirit and He says something like Jesus was talking about Mohammed. You can then open your bible and read it with your Muslim friend. Laying emphasis on the fact that Jesus said in that scripture He is here right now and shall be in you. That way you have laid a seed in the person’s heart and next time he or she listens to Zakir Naik , for example he/she will want to check with the bible and not just believe what he says. This is because deep in their heart they know that if the bible is corrupt, Zakir Naik does not have the uncorrupted bible which prophecies of Mohammed. Where he gets whatever he says is from the bible we read and that is what he/she read too. This will make the individual want to read the bible more so as to find the truth.
  • Pray for them: Keep praying that the truth be revealed to them.

In conclusion, there are and were so many answers to these questions, but this is just a brief summary. As the Holy Spirit, reveals more of the answers I shall share. Thanks to all the saints who participated either by coming up with answers or by asking questions. Glory to God!


Further Study

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