In the last two weeks, we have unfolded the Trinity in two parts. Firstly, by stating that, it is a mystery that cannot be fully understood because God is infinite and we cannot totally grasp Him with our finite minds and secondly, we went on to talk about how God has revealed himself through His own creations in clouds, fire and man, we talked about why it had to be those three creations based on facts from the creation story and a lot more. This week we shall focus on illustrating a statement which was made last week, “in all the three creations in which God revealed Himself through, they all can be sub-classified into three parts”.  It is therefore paramount that an understanding on the first two parts of this teaching be read and understood so as to fully grasp what this part is all about.

Like was said two weeks ago, we can only explain God based on the revelations He has given to us. The problem arises when we try to talk about God to minds who do not have faith in Him, minds who require evidence to believe, minds who will constantly question the Trinity and so on. The reason for this part is to give answers to such minds, especially when they seek evidence for the Trinity. In evangelism, I have come to understand that most of the time, the people you encounter are not people who are willing to hear bible verses or Jesus, the people we encounter either want a miracle here and there or want scientific proofs of what you are saying. Having scientific proofs or miracles are not hard for us as Christians to perform or show, because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). The reason must Christians haven’t come to that level of living in the realms of unlimited possibilities is because, they are still discovering their identity in Christ or don’t even know who they are in Christ. In revealing science through the lens of the bible we have to see what the bible says about nature and see what science says about nature and see where they intersect. I have come to the understanding that science has only helped in revealing God or rather the works of God, it has helped in showing us the might of God. It is possible for science to bring someone to God. I believe people have been brought to God by understanding science.

Last week, we established that God’s glory was revealed in the cloud in numerous chapters and verses of the scripture, we will look at my personal view of how I see God through the lens of the scriptures, the eyes of nature and telescope of science. I have put together 17 which have helped me understand the Trinity. It is paramount to note that these does not explain the Trinity, but helps in understanding the concept based on creations which God used in displaying His glory as discussed in the second part.

  1. Water consist of two components, hydrogen and oxygen to form H2O, no matter what phase of matter water is, it will always be H2O, people struggle with how three can become one, but here, we have water in the liquid, gaseous and solid phase but still have H2 I am not saying here that God exist in phases, no! but I want to open our minds to understanding that if this can be accepted then why can’t the Trinity be?
  2. The molecules of water are arranged in a trigonal planer form (triangular) oxygen the larger molecule holds the two smaller molecules together, without any of these being together, there will be no water. This reminds me of Jesus’s statement in John 5:30, He said of my own I can do nothing, He further said that if you have seen me you have seen the Father (John 14:9), if you have seen liquid water or ice, have you not seen H20?
  3. Water changes its states under pressure and temperature, God the son was not revealed to the human race until the right time had come, the Holy Spirit did not reveal Himself to man until the right kind of prayer was prayed at the upper room and at the right intensity.
  4. Water never escapes from the earth just like energy, it is neither lost nor destroyed but recycled. This reminds me of the Love of God. The salty water from the sea, the water drank by the rich, the poor, the needy and so on, the water from the septic tank to name but a few evaporates to the skies and falls down as rain and blesses us all, but even before the blessings of the rain get to us all we still pollute it and stop it from getting to us in its purest state with our own pollutions from refineries and so on, it is the same with the grace God has given us, Jesus gave us a clue of this concept in Matthew 5:45 which says; so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Very interesting verse because we have again light and water.
  5. Science thought me that a liquid takes the shape of the container, this reminds me of Jesus, who took the shape of man, though what we saw was man, inside the container was the glory of God. Remember after He died, two substances came out of Him, blood and water. John 19:34.
  6. Science thought me that a little gas can occupy a whole room and can be compressed, why then do people struggle with the fact that the Holy Spirit who is God lives inside of us? If we can have vapor which is gas occupy a whole room and at the same time be compressed, what stops God from dwelling with us and in us. Remember what Jesus said, about the Holy Spirit, He said; He abides with you and shall be in you (John 14:17)
  7. The Father did not abide with man forever, the Son didn’t either but in John 14:16, we are told that the Holy Spirit will abide with us forever. This reminds me of the last phase or vapor phase, gases have more freedom of movement than the solid and liquid phase. It almost seems like, the restriction in movement is time and the Holy Spirit dwells with us from earth and until eternity.
  8. Water dissolves every solvent, this reminds me that whatever problem I might be facing, in Christ it is dissolved. John 37:7 says that if anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink, when you are thirsty you have a problem of thirst and that problem can only be dissolved in the water of Christ.
  9. Science teaches us that in the clouds the three state of matter exist, that is water exist in its three states. Remember all that was said about the clouds last week.
  10. Science teaches us that visible light can be divided into three parts, the infrared, the visible light and the ultraviolent rays. This reminds me of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  11. The Infrared rays reminds me of the Holy Spirit; infrared rays are hot, remember in Acts2:3, it says that there were tongs on fire on their heads when the Holy Spirit came upon them.
  12. The visible light reminds me of Jesus, the visible part of light that can be seen by our naked eyes.
  13. Through technological advancement and research, we can now see ultraviolet rays and probably infrared rays, this reminds me of the fact that we can experience the Holy Spirit by Salvation, Salvation seems like the technological advancement in the Kingdom to experience God personally.
  14. The sun is also divided into three parts; the Sun’s interior, the solar atmosphere, and the visible surface ( .We can see one part and the rest we cannot see.
  15. When the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples at the day of Pentecost it was said that it was like a rushing wind, I am always reminded of the Holy Spirit whenever there is rain and a lot of wind accompanying the rain.
  16. In His last revelation, He revealed Himself as man, we know from Genesis 1:26 that we are made in God’s image and likeness. We will all agree that we consist of Spirit, Soul and Spirit.
  17. The Body is visible, the soul and Spirit are not. The soul connects the body to the spirit just as the son connects us to the father through the Holy Spirit that resides in us.

 In conclusion, I will like to bring our attention to the story of the flood, it is a very interesting story, what happened at the end of the story is that; God said, He will not destroy the world again by flood. Then a rainbow was used as a sign of this covenant. Science has thought us that, the rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of the light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. A rainbow was formed because of man, but requires light and water. Apart from its obvious significance, I look at the rainbow thinking that God has revealed His glory through the water and light or cloud and fire so that we can see His beauty. Is it therefore a coincidence that God revealed His glory through these three creations? Romans 1:20, which is the anchor verse of this series, tells us that we have no excuse if we do not see these things. Personally, I think God has done more than enough to reveal Himself to us and it is up to us to open our eyes to see His awesomeness. All praise to God through the help of the Holy Spirit for using the ignorance of science to reveal these truths.


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  1. For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel! -1 Cor.9:16. This is preaching the gospel in simplicity. More grace! May God open the understanding of the readers and salvage the lost souls through this medium and others in Jesus name. Amen.


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