God is very interesting; His ways are not the ways of men. Many of us first want Him to be revealed to us, then we believe in Him, while this has worked for some people in terms of God revealing Himself and they draw closer to Him, for most people, faith is required of them to know God so that, He can reveal Himself to them. God is awesome, composes of so many phases and angels, when asked who He was, He said that He is Yahweh (I AM), Exodus 3:14 and Exodus 6:2, It is not that He is a stammerer or He does not know His name, or He forgot, No! It is just that our finite minds cannot understand infinite things. Jesus said to His disciples, “I have much more to say to you, more than you can bear” why? Because they will not understand, the Holy Spirit is with us to unfold the revelations of God to us all, to help us understand God and His ways. This makes it so difficult for someone who does not have the Holy Spirit to understand God. The world works by seeing is believing, God wants us to work by believing is seeing. I have come across a lot of people asking me to explain God, most of the time, they are already familiar with the term trinity and then want me to explain how three can be one, man works by solving equations but God is the equation solver, the equation itself, the answer to the equation, the creator of the equation and more. The questions now are; how then can you solve an equation that comes with its own solution? What is the gain in getting an equation from another equation? How then will you want to prove the creator of an equation wrong. In the next few weeks, I will explain this topic, with the help of the Holy Spirit and from the wonders of the Word, because we have to understand God, but also have to know that God is a mystery that cannot be totally understood, even He could not explain who He was in our ordinary languages, He said I AM.

The names of God given to Him by men are enormous, but the name God gave Himself while on earth gives us license to put every knee down, and tongues confessing that Jesus is Lord (Matthew 1:21, Philippians 2:10). The names we have for God, which mainly represent the characters of His revelation to man so far, is only a fraction of what He really is, and the fact that He is infinite makes it hard to comprehend because, if you divide anything by infinity we really will get nothing. Therefore, saying we know and understand God is extremely difficult to ever establish. That is why we need faith to believe, but at the same time, we need to understand a few things about Him to constantly build our faith, a lot of which a revealed in the Logos (The written word) and then the Rhema (The spoken word), this is God revealing Himself to individuals.  Faith is the bridge between the infiniteness of God and finiteness of man; it is what we can hold on to as testimonies of the revelations of God. That is why God is a mystery that we have to understand, but we cannot totally understand. If you could explain God, then He will no longer be God. Why the God of Christianity cannot be explained is because He is the true God. No man. even the scientist who shout about the big bang will be able to tell you why the earth was chosen as where human life could dwell, why there is orderliness in something which started as chaotic almost like an explosion, I have never seen something explode and bring order. This blows my mind; how can you think that you can explain the creator when we have not explained His creation. We can only therefore, explain God in the simple revelations He has revealed to us.

One very mysterious part of our awesome God is the concept of the trinity. It is a mysterious part of God because it is the true essence of Him, it explains the inner workings of Him. This concept has not been totally understood by any man, because like I said you cannot put infinity in finiteness. As Christians sometimes and mostly during evangelism, we are faced with this difficult task of explaining our God in human language, in human terms and in human behaviour, sometimes we are even asked tough questions of explaining the trinity. It even makes it much more difficult when you know that the trinity is not directly mentioned in the bible. However, as already stated God never called himself any name, many of the names will call Him today are based on the actions of His character, even the name Jesus is specific to a particular action, which is salvation. John 1:1 for example, refers to Jesus as the word of God, why? Because John had an understanding or rather a revelation of God in a way that God Himself must have revealed to Him. The trinity is a revelation of God to man based on His Word which is Him, so God reveals himself based on His word, and His word is a folder in another infinite times. One might ask why would God not want us to know Him properly? I will ask Do you know the schedule of your president. The president of your country will only release to the media what He wants you to know. If God told you everything that makes Him, God, will He still be God? God is God because He is all knowing. 1 Corinthians 2:10-11, Job 21:22. Humans try to look for evidence of God before believing in Him, when they have not first counted the hair on their head, and God knows the amount on each person’s head (Matthew 10:32).

We have to understand God because, even though, no matter how much we know we do not have enough information about God, The Trinity is the closest we can get to God’s very essence. It is the biggest clue God has given to us about Himself, there are more questions about the Trinity than answers. We have to understand it because as Christians, it gives us a Stronger Identity on who we are in Christ. For, example, an understanding of who the Holy Spirit is, makes you to understand, what it means to carry God’s temple, makes you understand the Trinity, the roles of the God Head, makes you understand the awesomeness of God and so much more. An understanding of the Trinity is important, but like I said we can never know enough.


The Trinity in its very simplest definition is defined as the three person’s of the Godhead; God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. As Christians, we know that God is one Deuteronomy 6:4, but has been revealed as Son, Father and Spirt according to the Bible. In Matt 3:17, the Father testifies of the Son, In John 5:19, the Son testifies of the Father, in John 15:26, the Son testifies of the Holy Spirit and in John 15:26, The Holy Spirit testifies of the Son.  So it seems like there are three people acting as God here and then in Deuteronomy 6:4, we see that God is one.  This is such a mystery, how can three become one? Because something is impossible in our minds cannot totally rule out the existence of a thing, it might just be that circumstances around us has not made us to think in the direction of existence of that thing. Man always thought the earth was flat, but until a man decided to sail around the world without falling off man finally knew that it was round. It sounds stupid, to think that three can be one, but we know from the scriptures that God is three persons in one. Jesus even in the great commission said we should baptise in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

In the next few weeks, the concept of the Trinity will be dissected and hopefully, at the end of the day, we will have a better understanding of the Trinity so that we will be more confident about this term. Though our understanding of it is very little, I am 100 percent certain that with the Help of the Holy Spirit and through the revelation of His Word, our understanding will be enough to answer the most difficult questions anyone will pose to us about it when we evangelise.


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