Last time we talked about the bad genes that man had inherited from his first father. This week we shall continue with that, but this time talking about the negative genes that sin brought upon man.

After man sinned, they were sent out of the Garden of Eden. The command God gave to man concerning the tree of knowledge of good and evil was that, the day that man shall eat of it that they will surely die (Genesis 2:17), but man did not die on that very day, what happened? Well it is a further proof that man is spirit. As man is spirit therefore, man really died on that day. The spirit of God left man so man could no longer reflect the image of God in his spirit, the physical spirit experienced slow degradation and then this extends to the physical body before the final death. We can see that death is a process. It occurs gradually, because death has not been completed does not mean it has not happened. It is like a slow poison, someone can take a poison today and can die after a month, it is possible. The fact that the poison has not yet taken full effect does not mean the poison has not been taken. Adam lived for about 900 years before he finally died. We can also see from the bible that people lived for a longer time and over the years, the years in which man lived started to reduce, some will say the years became shorter. I do not believe so; I believe the reason why humans’ live shorter lives are that the genetic implication (just for better understanding as described in previous post) of sin is ever growing. Sin has taken such a strong hold of man that we are so far from the original man. We can hardly see any godliness in the way we live our lives. There is hardly any image of God left in this world anymore.

I will also add that living life without God is like being a walking dead, it is like living life without being alive (quoted from the testimony received last week). To really understand this concept, let us look at Romans 5:12, it says Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned” We can see that sin is certain for all men as death is certain. Why is that? Because we are born in sin, we carry the cross of our first father Adam? John 3:6 says, That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit” The fact is simple; we are all born to be more flesh dominant (tend towards our body) and not our spirit because of the sin of our first father. Why do I say that? Genesis 3:7 “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realised they were naked” Remember the name of the tree of which they ate? It was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I will ask, how do you know good and bad? You have got to feel it, see it, hear it, taste it and finally smell it before you know something is good or bad. Therefore, for you to know what is good or bad you have to tend towards the flesh, your senses have to come alive.

It almost seems like God created man, but then gave them the choice of being who they wanted to be. They already had eyes, but how come they did not always realise that they were naked. I look at it like maybe a multipurpose machine. Let us look at the iPhone as a case study, its ideal task is a phone but can be used for other things; it has got a camera for example, the fact that a phone has a camera does not make it a camera. The original idea of Steve Jobs for the iPhone is a phone with a camera. The original idea for humans by God is to be a Spirit with a body and not a body with a spirit. What happens to a phone that is constantly used as a camera and hardly used as a phone, I believe we all agree that the phone will have a shorter life span. You see, God finished man with an original design of a Spirit with a body, but then gave them the choice to be the other one (a body with a spirit), He even told man the consequences of going against their original design but man went against that. I laugh when people say God is wicked and make us die, No He is not; man chose death by rebelling against their original design. Being born of the flesh involves handling tasks that we were not originally designed to handle often. I say this because the bible says and their eyes were open, so they had eyes before and they were shut. The opening of their eyes was an opening to their senses and then they could see that they were naked. God has a plan for everything, He knew we had made the wrong choice and protected us from eating of the tree of life because if we lived forever under sin, we would be doomed. He sent man out of the Garden of Eden, knowing that they have sold their birthright to Satan.

What did God do about this?

What God did about this is not different from what any company or owner who has bad goods in the market will do to save his image and their invention. God had to recall us back to him to recreate us into our very own original nature. The love he has for us is so enormous that even though it is our fault and we made the choice, He came to every doorpost asking for everyone of us to come back home, I will give you my very spirit and you shall live again.

To understand life one must first understand death, the reason being that man lived, died and will live again (Life of Jesus on earth). Life from Adam follows the sequence; Life, death, life, death and life (Life of the first and second Adam), 1 Corinthians 15:22.The steps to final death are; The Spirit of God left man, the spirit of man dies and then the physical body dies as recorded in the life of Adam. We see this same process being replicated in the death of Jesus in Matthew 27: 45-46; on the cross of Calvary the sins of all men were nailed to the cross. God could not dwell in the body of Jesus anymore because of this and then, Jesus cried out, My God, My God why have you forsaken me. Why did God forsake Jesus, I mean Jesus is God? Simply because at that point he was carrying all of the sin of mankind (Matthew 27:45). When I say you are, gods you better believe it people, that was our original design, Jesus lived our original design (He was perfect), We are meant to carry God’s presence where we go but sin has made us fall short.In Matthew 27:50, we see that his Spirit left him. What happens next is amazing, it is recorded that the curtains of the temple were open, what does that mean? The Holy Spirit no longer dwelt in the temple and we all have access to him. The most remarkable thing is that all the bodies of those who were dead came back alive. As I have outlined the steps to death, according to the scripture, we will establish that the steps to life are the opposite as seen in Matthew 27. The Holy Spirit was released unto the dead; their spirit would have to get back in their body before they can live again. The reason why we have to die I hope is now clear because we have to fulfil the consequence of sin, which we are born into and after that is accomplished we live again.

Romans 6:23, which says; “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

 What therefore is sin?

Sin a spiritual genetic disease that has covered the mirror, which reflects God’s likeness and image in our spirit being.

 Sin is a genetic disease that gives power to our senses while the spirit is weakened.

 Take note that sin is different from the effect of sin. It is sin that makes people lie, steal and kill. These are the effects of sin, but sin is more like a seed that yield fruits like jealousy, lies, etc.

And because we cannot see God in ourselves, we suffer from an identity crisis. We do not know who we are. We lack any form of identity. We act without any form of purpose. A Specie frustrated by not knowing who we are, and because we do not know who we are, we act in a way that does not please God. It is highly important that we understand that when something becomes the norm it changes. Now the norm is to have a camera on a phone, it is called just a phone because all phones now have a camera. When it was just few phones that had cameras on them, they called them camera phones. The effects of sin have become the norm in our society that people are saying that is alright. People are no longer surprised when people act abnormally because it is part of being human; our society today has so lost the essence of God, forgetting that the healing to death lies in Him.

 Where is my healing I want to return back to the original man?

Your healing is in Christ Jesus, just like you carry the cross of sin from your very first father Adam through death. Jesus has carried the cross of our sins and has finished the case of death on the cross of Calvary. What do I mean? Sin of Adam brought about death, which we carry, handing your life over to Jesus is passing the Baton of sin to him because he is the best at running the last lap, you do not know how to deal with it but only Him knows.

You have to believe in Him for your sin to be taken away because; nobody runs a relay race without knowing the members of his team. If you do not know God, how can He carry your cross of sin and nail it on the cross for you. Like we said the wages of sin is death, when you die, you die because of sin, but you have eternal life in Christ because Jesus has finished sin on the cross of Calvary. Therefore if you die passing your Baton to the cross, you win the race of life with Christ forever.

I will conclude with this short story, a man came into a barbershop, he was a Christian and he tried to talk to his barber about God. The Barber did not want to listen. He said, “God does not exist because there is so much evil in the world” then he went out of the barbershop and saw a man who had not cut his hair in a very long time and asked him to follow him into the shop. The man obliged so he told the barber that barbers do not exit. The barber said we obviously do, he just never came to cut his hair. The same thing with the world, God exist, but a lot of people do not want his salvation. We can only prevail against evil if “we get our hair cut” i.e. if we get saved by being born again.

Further Study

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  2. For Video of the barbershop story, click here.




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  1. Living a life without Chirst is like a walking dead man. Absolutely correct, my prayer is that The Almighty Father will open the spirit eyes and understanding of men to know this facts that are being revealed through you to enable them have their place here and the world to come in Jesus Name Amen. I also pray for the strength of the Lord to continually be upon you and the spirit of the Lord to increase His revelations to you. I am continually blessed by your teachings and revelations of the word which is Jesus to me. God bless you in Jesus Name Amen

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