When there is a war around a community or country around you, what will be the wiser thing to do? Will you join the army reserves in your country to help fight the war or run to a far away country where it is safer perhaps maybe you will inquire more about the war and base your action on the negativity or positivity of the feedback you get from your enquiries.

Back to my question what is the wiser thing to do? I believe most people will move to a different country where there is peace at least that is what I will do. That has been the action of most people whenever they have experienced war over the years.

The people who are fleeing below might not be known, but it is certain that they are running away from a war.

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Image Source: (http://crypticphilosopher.com/2015/09/fool-me-once-on-social-media/)

If you find that not convincing, below is another we are very familiar with;

europe-migrants-greece.jpgSyrian refugees and migrants arrive onboard the Tera Jet passenger ship at the port of Piraeus, near Athens, Greece on Sunday. Image Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/syrians-fleeing-europe-treated-worse-dogs-article-1.2350552

This has always been the action of humans whenever there is a war. You might be sitting on your bed, reading this blog on your laptops or on your phones, but do you know that as you sitting down right now you are in a war. Yes there is a war but this time it is the most certain war in life and it is called DEATH. It is the only thing in our whole life that is 100 percent certain to happen. It is amazing how many people rather die in the war than fight it till the end. They fight this war for so long with drugs and medicine, but do not end up victorious. They have even decided to join the army reserves (Doctors) but still do not win, they have asked the best minds but still they have not given any feedback. Suddenly, they decided to join the voyage and accept that they cannot win but as soon as the boat is about to set sail, there is a huge trumpet saying that you have the victory. That is what we are fazed with today either to set sail to the unknown or to believe that the war is over. While you are still thinking on whether to continue sailing or go back because of the trumpet of victory some of the soldiers from the war approach the ship (with bodies of the enemy) saying yes the war is over and one man did it all.  I believe the most obvious questions that will come to most minds is, how can one man do what all these men could not do? is it possible? What will you think about all these men who risked their lives to tell you that the war is over and one man solved it all? What will the men who came to deliver the message gain by luring you back to the city to die? Perhaps maybe they are lying but it an unknown situation either you set sail  or you believe these men. That is what we are fazed with a belief system. It is amazing the amount of people today who will rather set sail than believe one man did it all. It is extremely, difficult to believe I do understand but yes he did it all. His name is JESUS. (I Corinthians 15:55-57) it says, “55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?56 The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.57 But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”


From these scenarios I have painted I will say that it is the situation of all humanity. Some people will set sail while others will go back home. Setting sail means that you do not have the right to be who you normally were. Because where ever you go you are not a citizen of that country. Setting sail will mean that your normal life is gone (you will find it hard to replicate your old life), you might have to live according to standards and rules you are not use to and finally you might not even make it to wherever you are going, the war might have gotten there. What if you believe the men and go back? the long and short of the story is that you live your normal life. What if they lied? you and even the men who came to give the message will all perish and if truly one man won the war who will want to fight against your country. Now I ask again will you sail or not sail?

A lot of people are fazed with the uncertainty of what happens when they die. A lot of do not even want to ask themselves these questions. Not asking yourselves these questions or saying whatever happens, I do not care is suicidal; it is the first death. Jesus has said that He has the victory believe Him and go back home.

I will paint another scenario; you are walking in the dessert extremely tired, about to faint, your destination still very far. Suddenly, a stranger who is not wearing any clothes at all offers you water and says I know a shorter route. Would you start asking him where he got the water from, it is clean or is it not clean. Does are irrelevant, the way he looks is irrelevant, where his from is irrelevant, you might not even see that he is not wearing clothes at first but all of your mind is on what he offers and that is the water. The same case is with Jesus, people only start to realise His existence when they are in dessert conditions, people are too comfortable so they are asking too many irrelevant things about Him. Think first about what he offers then your questions on where he is from, and why he is not wearing clothes will be answered.

If the answers to these questions are so obvious then why are we not all asking ourselves these questions, why are we not thinking more about the war of death? Einstein, Edison, Newton have all failed us, doctors, surgeons and so on have failed us when it comes to this issue but Jesus has not. He is the only one who could fight the war others could not fight, He was the only one in the whole of history who died and rose again on the third day. Who had witnesses whom were willing to die for the fact that they saw him after He had died (http://amazingbibletimeline.com/bible_questions/q6_apostles_die/)


It is amazing how obvious the answers to these questions are and why we do not think in this direction, I am sure it amazes you. Jesus is saying take my water and then we can sit and chat, but we are a generation of people so comfortable that it’s only when we are in hard situations (dessert conditions) when medicine and every other means has failed that we seek God (The true God). That not withstanding God still loves us and sends people to answer these questions, but you still want to know the chemical composition of the water, you still want to know what he is looking for in a dessert, you still want Him to use a map to show you the route to where He is taking you. It is amazing that the devil is still on his normal mission in John 10:10 (To kill, To steal and to Destroy) but hurray!!! Because Jesus has come to give us life and to give it more abundantly.


 In 1 Corinthians 15:55-57 Death came about by sin. I will try as much as I can and with the help of the Holy Spirit in the next few weeks to talk about the phenomenon called Death in relationship to sin and how to seek life but first you must understand your origin.

Your Origin

I love it when I hear/read about genetics. It is a really exciting branch of science. In fact, all branches of science are very important in appreciating God more. I find it hard to understand how someone could be a scientist and say God does not exist. Seeing all that great work and then be so foolish to say that the big bang just occurred on its on. The big bang if it is truly the way the world was created it just shows how awesome God is and really I walk around the street and see how God has put some of His identity in everything he has created just like every manufacturer puts in His symbol on his product. God has put in his symbol on all his products. Interestingly, his symbol is in you. I started by saying I love genetics, why? The simple reason is that every son is a genetic manipulation of his parents.  So being who you are today there are genetic traits you are carrying from your very first father.I will use the concept of genetics to explain sin and our origin as I feel it will be easier to understand it that way. According to the bible our very first father is Adam and mother Eve. Let’s see what traits or what “genes” were present in Adam. Genesis 1:26 describe the traits, which were present in Adam.

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

  • The first “genetic trait” that we shared with our very first father was that we were made in the image and likeness of God, therefore, we were made to function like God and act like God.
  • The second one is that we were born rulers over all of the earth.

The question one will like to ask at this juncture is, why then can I not see the image of God in me and why am I not ruling over the earth. Where are my genes? Hold on! Your genes are there but you have to first understand that when God said let us make man in our own image he did not mean like let them have two ears like me, two eyes like me, one nose and all of that. It is the spiritual content of man he was talking about. Man was originally a spirit being living in a dead body (From dust) as seen in Gen 2:7 and became a human (humus man) humus meaning dirt and man being spirit. Therefore, man’s physical body was there to act on the physical earth, but acted based on the spirit, which had constant communion with God. I will not like to dwell on this too much for now as it will be a later topic. However, one needs to understand that the genes, which we got from Adam, are spiritual and can be manifested in the physical. I am not saying you are some spiritual king or there is some kind of a mirror inside of you which shows the image of God, No. The point is as a human everything manifested in the physical comes from within. Man is spirit John 4:24.

So are you saying that for me to rule on earth I have to tap into my spirit or die then I can start to see the image of God in me. What are you saying? Help!!! I am confused.

 Absolutely not, God’s original intention was for man to cultivate the whole of the earth (not like a farmer, but to bring out the best out of the earth), lead and control the earth according to his will. Like a loving father God willed the earth to man to control. He already had heaven, but then rather than being selfish and say I will make another heaven and all of it will be mine, all mine!! He desired that a specie with my spirit rule over the earth and make of it for themselves what they want of it just like He made heaven for Himself. God was so loving to man, but man rebelled against God and decided to choose independence from God instead of joint rulership. In the garden of Eden which God had made and wanted man to replicate around the whole world with his offspring’s he had placed a tree called the tree of knowledge of good and evil Genesis 2:9 which he had commanded them not to eat. The fact is, God was giving man a choice by placing the tree there, a choice of total independence or joint rulership. Do you want to rule by using my standards of good and evil or do you want to have your own standards. Man chose to have his own standards, by rebelling and eating of the fruit. Satan or the devil tempted man by coming in the form of a serpent and first tempting the woman who then went on to tempt the man. To God, it was like an act of independence from God by man. Where God wanted joint rulership for eternity man had other ideas and wanted to be free from God. Why? Was God wicked to them? No but just because they doubted who they were, they were already gods but then Satan came and said do you want to be like God take of this fruit. God already made man in his image, likeness and gave them a domain to rule over. What else do you need to be like God. That is why till today the biggest problem of man is self doubt, lack of belief that you can do and achieve whatever you set to achieve.Even believing that there is God today is so hard for some people even after having first hand experience with him. Faith is so difficult for man because he just suffers from an identity crisis. Who am I?


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